Why your business should publish a corporate sustainability report

Corporate Sustainability: Why your business should publish a report
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Corporate sustainability is becoming a significant factor for consumers when they consider purchasing from a business. More than ever, companies are developing reports to monitor and publish their sustainability efforts. 

There is a wide range of reasons to create and publish a sustainability report. Often these reports are lacking their full potential to aid their business, however, so we’ve generated the top reasons to create a report on your corporate sustainability, and the benefits it can provide your business.

1. Appealing to your consumer’s interests

As more insights into our environmental impact are released, shoppers are becoming more conscious about their eco-activities. Consumers in all industry sectors are taking more time and consideration into who they are buying from and how they are impacting our planet. 

‘With more and more consumer interest in sustainability and transparency, it’s up to companies to share what they are doing.’ – Green Bouy Consulting

Creating a corporate sustainability report lets your business showcase your developments and achievements. When published, this report can serve as a useful resource for potential customers when they are making to decision to purchase.

2. Providing the wider picture to investors

Outside of appealing to potential consumers, your business will also need to appeal to investors and stakeholders. Financial reports do help to provide an overview of how successful your business is at making profits, but a report on your corporate sustainability helps to provide a wider picture

Company culture is becoming ever more important to investors, as they are looking to support businesses which are likely to improve their reputation, not risk it. By physically presenting your goals to be more eco-conscious and help the planet, you can set up your business as a worth-while investment.

3. Alternative marketing angles

Creating a corporate sustainability report is not an easy task. It takes time and careful consideration to develop a report which accurately reflects your company’s goals and environmental impact. With developing a report, however, comes opportunities to shout about the work your business is doing. 

As mentioned above, consumer interests are shifting as company responsibility to protect our planet is becoming more significant. Once you’ve done the work to gather information, set goals, and write a report, there many different ways in which you can use it to generate positive interest in your business. 

Keep your audience up to date with your corporate sustainability journey throughout every goal and development. By doing this, you can generate interest over time and get potential leads invested in the commitment your business is taking to help protect the environment.

Marketing your corporate sustainability report shouldn’t only target new leads, however. When your business meets a goal, inform your customers and thank them for their support in making it happen. Focusing on how they have helped the environment by using your business will provide greater reasons for them to continue purchasing from you in the future.

4. Partnership opportunities

There are many examples of how businesses have used their environmental and societal positive impact to promote themselves. Some businesses even use their goals as incentives to generate partnerships between other businesses. 

Teaming up to help increase their eco-initiatives, and build a strong relationship which can be promoted across different channels. Partnering with other businesses can help to advance your corporate sustainability efforts and make goals easier to achieve. 

Along with easing the difficulty to meet higher goals, partnerships also allow for another audience to see your eco-friendly activities. By developing a partnership, you increase the platforms at your disposal for raising awareness about your report.

The opportunities and benefits available to businesses who invest in creating a corporate sustainability report are vast. By developing ways to reduce your environmental impact, you can also improve your business reputation.

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