How S2S Group’s Trakk-IT Service Can Benefit Your Business

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What is Trakk-IT?

Trakk-IT is S2S Group’s unique customer portal that allows businesses to track their electronic assets in real-time from every stage of the process.

S2S Group’s customer portal uses the latest RFID technology and is completely bespoke to the company which is what makes S2S Group different from other ITAD companies.

The service adds an extra security measure so that businesses have complete ease of mind when working with S2S Group.

How Does Trakk-IT Work?

When Assets are collected by S2S Group’s team, IT assets are run through a series of questions such as:

  • Does the IT asset switch on?
  • Is there any physical damage?
  • Does the IT asset need any repairs?

When the assets are run through the series of questions and inspected by a member of the team, they are graded from A-D with their own dedicated serial number – which is provided to the customer so assets can be tracked.

Grades are dependent on a series of factors as those mentioned above. Assets that do not power up go unranked and are often sent for data destruction.

Working assets are data erased through Blancco, as S2S Group are Blancco Gold Partners. Blancco removes any trace of data on IT assets. Last year alone, Blancco prevented 74 million KG of e-waste

ADISA Industry Innovation Award

Trakk-IT has won ADISA’s Industry Innovation Award – an award given to the company that has “delivered or created great innovation. Therefore, you can have full confidence when using Trakk-IT.

S2S Group is regularly audited by ADISA and was certified to ADISA Standard Level 8.0 – DIAL 3 and also happens to be the only ITAD certified to this Level that can provide both onsite and offsite destruction

ADISA Standard 8.0

S2S Group Trakk-IT Industry Innovation Award

The Trakk-IT Process

The customer portal has been specifically designed to be as simple and hassle-free as possible for your business.

From the dashboard, you can track and manage your products and you can also receive monthly summary reports on your jobs.

Our simple 3-step process makes signing up for the portal as simple as can be.:

  1. Collection – Collections are arranged through S2S Group’s online customer portal.
  2. Assets Tagged – Assets are tagged (on or off-site) and a unique job number is created.
  3. Customer Portal – Log-in details are issued to the client and all details are uploaded to the portal.

More information about Trakk IT

Trakk-IT Logo

How Does This Help Your Business?

The customer portal gives clients complete ease of mind when working with S2S Group. The portal also offers clients full transparency through asset tracking.

The Trakk-IT portal allows you to see everything. S2S Group’s team tracks and records every stage of the process, with every bit of detail about your IT assets including colour, model, CPU, grade, etc.

To find out more about Trakk-IT, you can contact S2S Group via the button below:

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