S2S Group Celebrates World Mental Health Day 2022

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10/10/2022 World Mental Health Day

S2S Group celebrated and brought awareness to World Mental Health Day. Our staff is at the core of who we are at S2S Group, and we take both the mental being and physical being of our staff seriously.
As part of World Mental Health Day, S2S Group provided all staff members with information and tips to try and bring awareness and reassurance that it is okay not to be okay and how to overcome those feelings if and when we all have our down days. As well as this S2S Group supplied awareness packs and mental well-being activities.
Alongside this it is a big important to S2S Group to make its staff members feel heard, therefore, we have created a suggestions box that will allow our staff to submit ideas both written and online on how S2S Group can make a positive difference in the workplace. S2S Group recommends all work places to enforce a suggestion boxes – it’s a great idea and provide staff members with an outlet to share ideas, thoughts and suggestions within safe environment.

S2S Group’s aim is to make the working environment a positive space for all, not just on World Mental Health Day but all year round.

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