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Remote working data erasure

Even before 2020 the trend for hybrid and remote working has gained momentum. As restrictions are lifted a growing number of workers are looking to maintain this method of working or enjoy the benefits of converting to hybrid working.

However, this growing trend of remote workers increases the security risk for corporate data on company-owned PCs and laptops, and mobile phones. This problem is especially acute around the time workers either leave the company or wish to return redundant IT equipment.

Remote wipe is a security feature that allows a network administrator or device owner to send a command that deletes data to a computing device.

Remote data erasure in addition allows technicians to delete data from multiple remotely located devices in one command. Whether that be on a small number or, thousands of devices at any one time.

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S2S Group is an ITAD Gold Partner With Blancco

Blancco is the industry standard in data erasure and mobile device diagnostics software. As a Blancco gold partner S2S Group is certified and committed to providing secure and sustainable erasure solutions.

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S2S Group is an ITAD Gold Partner With Blancco

Fully Certified To Meet All Data Erasure Needs

Whatever your IT assets are, S2S Group has security solutions to remotely wipe data from devices. If you want to find out more about what services would best suit your needs, contact S2S Group now.

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Fully Certified To Meet All Data Erasure Needs
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Remote Data Wiping Options

STEP 1: Admin Data Erasure

Installing the erasure software as part of the image but hidden from the user so the admin teams can erasure at end of life remotely.

STEP 2: USB Data Erasure

USB containing license so user or admin can erase from that at home.

STEP 3: Cloud Based Data Wiping

Setting up a cloud account so the user or admin can draw down a license and erase it at home.

What are the advantages of remote data erasure?

  • Erasure of data from devices at either a central or remote location without the need for a technician to be present
  • Option of either remote data erasure or from a central point
  • Erasure of data dramatically reduces the risk of data loss prior to device transport
  • All erasures are certified by Blancco
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    Industry-leading remote data erasure from S2S Group in partnership with Blancco.

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