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By filling out the simple form below, you can determine the possible risks to your data. Once the form is complete you will be given the overall DIAL rating. This rating will help determine the correct solution and service S2S Group will provide.

This can then be passed on to us as your ITAD supplier. Based on your dial rating the correct level of service can
be agreed on to mitigate risk.

Generate Your DIAL rating

DIAL has been introduced as a part of the ADISA Asset Recovery Standard 8.0. This DIAL rating tool has been designed so you can ascertain your businesses data risk level; this helps us tailor solutions to you.

Please fill in your details and answer the following questions. Once complete we will your DIAL rating will be emailed to you.

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Step 1: Volume of Data

This refers to the volume of data due to be processed. Asset recovery is a physical process and focuses on overall storage capacity. Therefore, we would need to (as a data controller) determine the overall capacity of storage rather than a volume of data.

Step 2: Impact of Breach

As a data controller you need to assess the impact a data breach would have on your business.

Step 3: Categories of Data

Refers to the categories of data you need processing. These categories align with UK GDPR.

Step 4: Threat of Risk

You as a data controller need to determine where threats to your data/business are likely to come from. Who is likely to want to gain access to this data? What are the motivating factors behind their actions? Is it financial, intellectual property theft or is it another purpose?

Step 5: Appetite to Risk

This refers to the levels of risk that your business is willing to accept. Businesses will want to consider the previous risk factors and judge the levels of service required.


You should state the scope which this DIAL rating can be used. Is it for a particular collection, a particular site or can it be used as a company wide DIAL.

Your DIAL rating has been calculated

Your rating is DIAL [1] .

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