ADISA and Data Security – Data erasure vs. Asset Destruction

Earlier this year, S2S Group invited ADISA founder and CEO Steve Mellings to share his thoughts on the current issues around data security and the future of the sector. ADISA has spent the last 10 years promoting best practices for data sanitisation and data protection.

Data Recovery

ADISA now works with organisations across the globe as a certification body, offering independent validation of compliance to its own standards to help organisations have confidence in their suppliers or in their own business process.

In this video interview, Steve discussed with S2S Group Operations Director, Rachel Hall the life cycle of electronic devices and the importance of reusing them instead of destroying them. He emphasised the need to manage risk and understand asset management, physical security, and data sanitisation.

Steve also mentioned the low likelihood of data recovery from securely located and aggregated media. He advises that companies to reconsider default destruction and consider the benefits of reuse.

Highlights of the Interview with S2S Group

  • The reasons behind Steve’s belief that everyone should default to reuse instead of destruction of serviceable devices.
  • Why managing risk is crucial, from asset management to physical security and data sanitisation.
  • What certification helps assess and manage risks associated with the life cycle of electronic devices?
  • Highly skilled laboratory techniques are required for data recovery, which is unlikely in secure and aggregated media environments.
  • How re-evaluation of reuse benefits can benefit companies and why they should consider the barriers preventing them from accepting a certain level of risk.
  • Destroying devices by default may indicate an inability to manage or identify risk effectively.
  • Why do companies need to understand the reality of data recovery and the advantages of reuse?
  • Is your business interested in IT Asset reuse?

    The practice of IT asset reuse carries a multitude of benefits, both economically and environmentally. Repurposing IT equipment not only extends the lifespan of valuable assets but also significantly reduces electronic waste, contributing to a more sustainable business model. S2S Group, a prominent industry player, offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to assist businesses in this endeavour, whether your business requires data erasure or destruction.

    With their expertise, businesses can efficiently evaluate their equipment for potential reuse, either internally within their organisation or through donations to charitable causes aimed at bridging the digital poverty gap. By doing so, companies not only reduce their e-waste footprint but also showcase a commitment to responsible corporate citizenship while potentially enjoying cost savings in the process.

    S2S Group’s services facilitate a seamless transition towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to IT asset management.

    Do you have an IT recycling requirement?