S2S Group’s Continued Support to YWCA Yorkshire Charity

At the onset of each year, S2S Group selects three primary charitable organisations for year-round support. S2S Group supports YWCA through similar activities throughout the year.

S2S Group’s charity contributions to YWCA Yorkshire commenced in 2022 with the internal winter foodbank donation campaign and has continued to be one of S2S Group’s primary charities in 2023. With this comes the responsibility of what we can do as an organisation to give back to our community. Over the past years, S2S Group has dedicated bake sales, steps challenges, food and clothing donations, Christmas present drop-offs and much more to support their chosen charities.


S2S Groups Operations Director, Rachel and Marketing Assistant, Ruby recently visited YWCA Yorkshire’s Green Gables site to donate 6 baby gyms to go to the families. Baby gyms are not just toys; they are tools that promote early childhood development, motor skills, and cognitive growth. By providing these gyms to YWCA Yorkshire, we hope to make a difference in the lives of young children and their families, fostering a brighter future for our community.


This is the feedback S2S Group received from YWCA:

“The baby gyms have gone out to 6 of our young parents to help them provide stimulation and develop their babies hand-eye coordination. The gyms are not something that our young parents would usually be able to spend their money on during the current cost of living crisis so are very much appreciated”.

S2S Group supports YWCA and works closely with the team at the headquarters

About YWCA

YWCA has been providing services to women, children and families locally since the 1940s. From their first women’s hostel in Sheffield, to now owning 10 properties and managing 44 supported properties throughout South Yorkshire, including in Doncaster & Mexborough, Rotherham and Sheffield.

YWCA Yorkshire has developed a number of specialist programmes to assist young women, children and families to address some of the key barriers to living happy, fulfilled and independent lives. We also believe in giving back to the local community, and where possible, will accept external referrals onto some of our programmes where we have the space.

Previous Support

Internal Foodbank Campaign

In late 2022, S2S Group launched a 3-month internal foodbank campaign. This campaign ran throughout the months of October, November, and December. S2S Group’s employees contributed food, clothing, and money to help us to donate as much as we can to our chosen charities, in which, YWCA was one of those charities. Whilst visiting YWCA Yorkshire to donate the food and clothing we learned that some families do not receive Christmas presents. Therefore, knowing this information we knew we needed to do more.

S2S Group then collected Christmas presents to donate to YWCA to make sure everyone had something to open on Christmas day. In total S2S Group donated 8 bags of presents for the 8 Women on site. These bags included a box of chocolates, a notepad, a candle, and two self-care kits. The feedback received was wonderful and we look forward to continuing to support YWCA!

Multiple images of team giving donations to charity

S2S Group supports YWCA with Mobile Phone and Monitor Screen Donation

YWCA Yorkshire is one of S2S Group’s chosen charities for 2023. Last year S2S Group included YWCA as part of their 3-month foodbank donation campaign, donated Christmas presents to the families, and donated 10 mobile phones to the staff members at YWCA. Donating mobile phones has massively improved the communication between their teams and different sites.

Yesterday S2S Group’s Marketing Assistant Ruby and Marketing Apprentice Kyle paid YWCA’s Green Gables staff members a visit to discuss upcoming projects that S2S Group can support them with and donate 6 monitor screens. These monitors will provide extra support and improve the well-being of the staff members allowing them to better manage their workload by having a secondary screen and decrease sight difficulties.

Three colleagues donating package to YWCA

Donation of 10 Mobile Phones

S2S Group colleagues donating computer monitors to YWCA

Donation of 6 Monitor Screens

Dedicated Halloween Bake Sale

On the 31st October S2S Group held an internal bake sale to help raise funds for YWCA Yorkshire. YWCA Yorkshire has many upcoming projects with the main one being their Project Hive outer building facility. The outer building will provide educational benefits to the children and families at YWCA’s Green Gables site, allowing them to use the facility for training and career purposes.

S2S Group is delighted to be able to contribute to the fundraiser for furniture, running costs, and a sensory play section for the children.

S2S Group’s Halloween Bake Sale

To explore additional details about YWCA and learn how you can support to their missions, please visit their website.

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