S2S Group Sponsors Local Girls Football Team Attend a Sheffield United Women’s Football Fixture

Supporting local communities and charities is central to S2S Group’s ethos and brand values

In a gesture of community support, S2S Group recently organised an exciting outing for the Steel City Wanderers Under 11’s girls’ football team to watch the Sheffield United Women’s football game against Blackburn Rovers. The sponsorship and support provided by S2S Group not only gave the young athletes a memorable experience but also reinforced the company’s commitment to nurturing local sports talent.

The young footballers, accompanied by their coaches and chaperones, were treated to an exhilarating match that showcased top-tier women’s football. For many of the girls, it was their first time attending a professional game, and the excitement was palpable. From the moment they arrived at the stadium, the girls were in awe of the vibrant atmosphere, the bustling crowd, and the chance to see their role models in action.

A word from S2S Group’s CEO, Grant Barton 

“We are thrilled to provide this opportunity for the Steel City Wanderers U11 girls’ team. Supporting local sports teams like the Wanderers is part of our commitment to giving back to the community. Watching a professional game can be incredibly inspiring for these young athletes, and we hope it motivates them to pursue their own football dreams.”

Mark, Coach of the Steel City Wanderers expressed his gratitude for the experience.

“We had such a great day with the girls, they were so excited to meet the players and they all left with aspirations of becoming professional footballers. Seeing their faces after they walked the players onto the pitch was priceless. It means so much to be able to encourage the girls at a grass-roots level, traditionally girls fall out of sport as they get older, so things like this are so important to keep them engaged and give them something to aspire to.”

The day concluded with smiles and cheers as the girls left the stadium, chattering excitedly about the plays they had seen and the players they had met. The event not only provided a fun day out but also strengthened the team’s enthusiasm and love for the sport.

S2S Group has long been a supporter of local football teams, understanding the importance of community engagement and the positive impact sports can have on young people. By sponsoring teams like the Steel City Wanderers, S2S Group aims to foster a sense of community, teamwork, and dedication among young athletes.

A word from S2S Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Rachel Hall

“Our support for local football teams is about more than just financial backing,” explained Rachel Hall, S2S Group’s Chief Operating Officer. “It’s about being part of the community and helping to develop the next generation of sports talent. We are proud to support the Steel City Wanderers and look forward to seeing what these talented young players achieve in the future.”

The partnership between S2S Group and the Steel City Wanderers U11 girls’ team is a shining example of how local businesses can play a vital role in supporting and uplifting their communities through sports. To find out more about the Steel City Wanderers, visit their website.

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