S2S Group Achieves Remarkable Success in Q1 2024, Secures Major Wins, Expands Client Portfolio and Launches a Complete Rebrand

S2S Group, a leading provider of secure data destruction and IT asset disposal services, is pleased to announce its exceptional performance in the first quarter of 2024, marked by significant achievements and notable expansions in its client base. 

As well as successfully launching a complete rebrand in March 2024, S2S Group are strategically positioned for serious growth this year.

S2S Group Management team

Key Wins and Performance Highlights:

  • Year-To-Date Success: S2S Group kicked off the year on a high note, with a 82% win rate in January alone. In total, the company has maintained a strong win rate of 74% for Q1.
  • New Customer Acquisitions: Demonstrating its growing market presence and appeal, S2S Group welcomed 37 new customers in the first quarter, a testament to its reputation for reliable and secure data disposal services.
  • Reactivation of Lost Customers: S2S Group successfully re-engaged with dormant customers, including multinational and AIM companies, resulting in new business opportunities. 
  • Strategic Growth Initiatives: Looking ahead, S2S Group is poised for further expansion and success in the coming year. The company is currently engaged in several high-profile projects with industry giants across the telecommunications, technology, data processing industries. Additionally, S2S Group aims to enhance collaboration with its top ten customers by fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and driving continued growth.
  • Company performance

    Grant Barton, CEO of S2S Group, said, “We are thrilled with the exceptional results achieved in the first quarter of 2024, which reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering top-level services and exceeding customer expectations. The re-engagement from customers and the acquisition of new clients underscore the trust and confidence placed in our expertise and reliability. As we look ahead, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and remain dedicated to driving innovation, excellence, and sustainable growth.”

    Successful rebrand

    S2S Group have gone one further and launched a successful rebrand. Working with Fantastic Media, based in Leeds, meant a complete overhaul of all integrated marketing initiatives as well as all online and offline collateral. It was time for a refresh to match S2S Group’s mission of being the UK’s #1 ITAD supplier. The rebrand hasn’t just been about new colours or squares, but a reflection on the brand values. By incorporating these values across all brand assets and communications S2S Group showcases transparency, security and excellence at all points of the customer journey.

    Demonstrating Success

    This rebrand demonstrates only the beginning of a new S2S Group era, with customers able to experience:

    1. Upgraded customer experience: coherence and cohesion to ensure smooth interactions

    2. Fresh perspective: a modern approach built into the heart of the brand, bringing solutions to all sectors and customers

    3. Outside matching the inside: demonstrating that S2S Group are leading the way in the ITAD industry S2S Group welcomes all current and future customers across every industry to join in continued growth and success.

    About S2S Group

    S2S Group is a leading provider of secure data destruction and IT asset disposal services, offering comprehensive solutions to businesses across various industries. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, compliance, and data security, S2S Group delivers reliable and efficient services tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients.

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