Hard Drive Destruction That Helps Your Business Meet GDPR Requirements

Hard drive destruction

Don’t put your business IT assets at risk. When it’s time to dispose of old data-bearing media, always opt for a secure Data Erasure or Destruction process.

S2S Group can help to eliminate reputational risks through its data erasure, degaussing and physical shredding solutions, helping to provide essential documents for your next audit.

  • Hard Drive Destruction to Top Secret Level
  • Choice of on-site Mobile Shredder or Degausser
  • Witness destruction on-site
  • Tape drives and media reuse, with SWAT data removal
  • Unlimited insured data wipes
  • Data erasure and Destruction certificates
  • Documentation in-line with GDPR compliance
Data Destruction Quote

Hard Drive Destruction

Irreversible, physical destruction of electronic media using industrial-grade shredding and degaussing equipment.

Hard Drive Destruction
Hard Drive Destruction

Secure Data Erasure

A software-based data wiping process for complete erasure. Secure data erasure allows for the re-use of your IT assets.

Secure Data Erasure
Secure Data Erasure

Which method is right for you?

Depending on your security and reuse requirements, S2S Group can help you choose the best method of data disposal.

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Secure IT Asset Management Services



S2S Group's team will collect your assets to return to its secure facility or S2S Group will send its shredding truck if on-site disposal is required.


Everything is manifested, on or off-site through its secure processing.


Media is erased or destroyed by its specialist industrial-grade machinery or approved Data Erasure methods.


Destruction certificates and reports issued to the client and uploaded to the portal.

How to securely destroy your digital data

S2S Group has a range of certified data destruction methods depending on the media type and requirements given by the client. S2S Group also offer degaussing, shredding, and incineration to meet the highest NPSA (National Protective Security Authority) standards depending on the media type.

How to erase your data securely

S2S Group is now Blancco Gold Partners, meaning that its confidential data overwriting and erasure processes are to the highest level offered within its industry. S2S Group can also offer options for on and off-site data sanitisation to ensure its services meet your specific requirements.

Which data destruction approach is right for you?

For businesses looking to reuse their assets for future use, data erasure leaves assets intact so they can be redistributed to staff. For assets and devices which are beyond repair or are unable to perform needed tasks, destruction or recycling can be cost-effective solutions to ensure data protection.

Meeting the highest security standards in data handling

All S2S Group services are audited regularly to ensure it keeps client data safe throughout every step of its processes. S2S Group’s accreditations are kept up to date, and available for public viewing via the accreditations page.

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    Secure IT Asset Management Services

    Meeting the highest security standards

    S2S Group's Approachable Registered UKAS Accreditation

    ISO 27001 Information Security

    Blancco gold partner badge

    Approved Blancco ITAD Gold Partner

    NPSA Approved Destruction equipment

    Witness the destruction of your electronic media. S2S Group can offer the same secure service at your site for complete security using its specialist mobile shredder.

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