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  • Secure CPNI Approved Destruction
  • Erasure
  • Degauss
  • Shred
  • Mobile Destruction

S2S Data Solutions

“Certified and approved data destruction processes for business.”

“Your reputation is safe in our hands”

Operating from our high-security headquarters and processing facility, S2S Data Solutions deliver secure, data destruction solutions to clients of all sizes from SME to large ‘Blue Chip Corporate’ clients and high street names. S2S Data Solutions operates in all sectors, including MOD, financial, legal, government, retail and private sectors.

No matter what your data is or where your data sits, S2S Data Solutions have the experience and expertise to both handle it and protect it.

Depending on your needs, we can erase, shred and securely destroy all types of data media and hardware to the highest government standards. Our robust processes ensure ‘complete confidence’ that your data is dealt with securely and safely by our accredited methods.

We can handle volumes from just a few hard drives and SSDs to hundreds of items, with a complete audit trail provided for any product being destroyed.


  • Accredited processes to the highest standards, including CPNI approved data destruction.
  • Tailored data destruction to meet your requirements
  • Certificate of Destruction provided inline with GDPR Regulations
  • Mobile data destruction – witness your data shredding or degaussing at your own premises.
  • Shredding from 25mm to 2mm particles depending on media type.
  • CESG approved data erasure to HMG IA Standard No 5
  • Full asset tracking and checking throughout.
  • Specialist Garner NSA approved media degauss units for fast and complete data elimination.
  • Secure tracked vehicles for transporting media and waste.
  • A dedicated account manager
Hard drive destruction

Choose your method of destruction

Simply performing a factory reset isn’t an efficient way to restore used IT assets. To ensure confidential data held on your devices remains unrecoverable, consider a secure data handling process for your electronic media. We offer a range of solutions for your information lifecycle management, with each process tailored to meet your individual needs and reflect your data disposal policy. Clients will also receive a full certificate of destruction each and every time they use our service.


A software-based data wiping process for complete
erasure through overwriting processes, allowing for re-use.

Why choose erasure:
– CESG Approved Data Erasure using Blancco Software
– Erasure to MOD (Ministry of Defence) Standards
– 100% Data Erasure Guarantee
– Each wiped is insured
– Media can be reused or refurbished for second user markets
– A cost-effective solution, generate revenue
– No risk of data recovery
– Data erasure reports included


Eliminates data through secure demagnetisation by
using state-of-the-art degausser machinery.

Why choose to degauss:
– Full data sanitization
– Specialist media degaussing units
– Wiping of confidential to top-secret data
– Meets NSA and CESG requirements
– CPNI Approved data destruction
– Reduces risk of data theft
– No risk of data recovery
– Data destruction certificate included


A method of irreversible, physical destruction of
electronic media using industrial grade shredding equipment.

Why choose to shred:
– Available for all media storage types
– Specialist shredding machinery
– CPNI approved data destruction
– Complete destruction of media to IL6 Security Standards
– No risk of data recovery
– Witness your data destruction on-site at your own premises
– Destruction to 2mm depending on media type
– Data destruction certificate included


Have full reassurance over the elimination of your data by requesting to observe our destruction process live and in-action at your own site. Our Mobile Shredder can be used on request and allows clients to supervise the destruction of their most confidential data and ensure the procedure specifically meets their expectations.

Collection vans

Data Solutions for All Media Types

Media Type Erase Degauss Shred
Solid State Drives
Hard Disk Drives
Mobile Devices
Smart Cards, Sim Cards
Optical Media (CD's, DVD's, BD's)
Dynamic / Static RAM
FLASH / USB / SD Cards
FPGA (Non-Volatile)
FPGA (Volatile)
Magnetic Tapes / Floppy Discs


S2S Data Solutions can provide clients with a secure data bin for those with small, ongoing volumes of magnetic or optical media requiring destruction. Our secure bins have been designed with a ‘lock and slot’ function for the safe storage of all types of electronic media including CDs, Mobile Phones, Solid State Drives (SSDs), Tapes, USB Storage and Hard Disk Drives (HDDs).

When required, S2S will transport the data bin back to our site for destruction or granulation as well as providing our clients with a Certificate of Destruction for the contents of each bin that has been securely destroyed.

Lockable container

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