S2S Group On-Site Data Destruction Solution

onsite shredding mobile vehicle

Using our fully operational shredding truck, S2S Group is now able to provide on-site data destruction across the UK. Using our state-of-the-art shredding truck, with dual shred features.

The vehicle can be configured for all shred sizes for the secure destruction of all media categories to comply with IA Standard No5. Providing the ideal solution with highly sensitive media in both document and electronic form.

S2S Group has been able to work with market-leading Ulster Shredders to build the shredder from scratch based on S2S Group’s own unique requirements.

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STEP 1: Mobile Shredding Truck Arrives At Your Premises

S2S Group will arrive in a secure mobile shredding truck, using approved staff in order to start the on-site data shredding process

STEP 2: Asset Reveiw

Your assets will be reviewed, sorted and an inventory validated. The S2S Group will then provide paperwork and reports to ensure an audit trail is created.

STEP 3: Destruction of Assets

Your data assets are destroyed on-site, securely to your individual specifications

STEP 4: Certification

Certification of destruction will be provided

Which Areas of the UK are covered by S2S Group On-Site Shedding Services?

S2S Group can now offer on-site, mobile shredding services anywhere within the UK. The new shredding truck has provided S2S Group with the opportunity to perform on-site shredding at its clients’ sites. No matter how big or small the job is, S2S Group will find a way to help you.

Why Destroy Data On-Site?

By destroying your data assets on-site removes the risk of data leaks during transportation. More and more companies are choosing on-site data destruction to ensure that devices and assets never leave their premises. S2S Group offers an on-site data destruction service to those companies requiring this extra layer of security. Not only will assets and devices be destroyed, but they are scanned and recorded against company inventory lists, this ensures audit trails for all assets. Certification of destruction is also provided for extra reassurance.

Who Needs Data Destruction On-Site?

Any business looking for correct responsible data destruction should really be using services that are both secure and accredited. By choosing S2S Group for your on-site data destruction, you will be selecting a business with the experience and accreditations needed.

Key Features:

  • Increased security for shredding of corporate collateral with CCTV monitoring
  • Easy transport of waste
  • Self-cleaning, counter-rotational shafts for continuous shredding
  • Flexible feed and discharge arrangements are available
  • Automatic reversing and overload protection system
  • Basic and smart control system options
  • Variety of knife and hook options to suit different products and shred size requirements
  • ADISA Standard 8.0 Certified
  • NPSA Approved

Dimensions & General Specification:

  • Shredder Unit = Height: 500mm, Width: 750mm, Length: 1400mm, Weight: 600kg
  • Shredding Chamber Size = Width: 700mm x Length: 345mm
  • Distance Between Shaft Centre’s = Width: 132mm
  • Size of Shaft Hexagon = Width: 60mm x A/F
  • Mains Supply Requirements = Width: 60A x 3 PH
  • Standard Drive Motor Size = 2 x 25hp Hydraulic
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