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Who are WEEE?

Incorporating 5 divisions and 30 years of experience, S2S Group operates from our high-security facility in South Yorkshire, providing a range of secure and innovative corporate IT and Mobile Asset Recovery and Data Solutions for all sectors; assisting clients in managing their end-of-life electronics whilst offering complete reassurance of their information security.


Providing the solutions
to corporate data security

S2S are a 'one-stop' solution for all your IT Asset Management, Disposal and Data Destruction requirements, providing a complete package of in-house' specialised asset security services, specifically tailored to meet your organisational needs. Choose from our group of divisions to assist with the management and disposal of corporate IT, WEEE, Mobile and Data centre equipment; from bespoke audits, asset deployment and remarketing of equipment through to confidential data destruction, recycling and secure disposal of hardware, with each process offering full traceability through our Online Trakk-IT Portal. 

S2S Lifecycle Solutions

We can provide a full, end-to-end solution for all IT and Waste Electronic and Electronic Equipment at the end of the product lifecycle. Operating within the circular economy, our asset recovery services include imaging and deployment, bespoke decommissioning, refurbishment and resale of equipment along with eco-friendly recycling - treated at our very own 'Approved Authorised Treatment Facility'.

S2S Mobile Solutions

Our unique corporate Mobile Phone and Tablet Recycling division provides a bespoke service for clients looking to generate maximum return for their redundant devices with the additional security of CESG approved data erasure.  In just 5 simple steps, receive payment for your mobile devices - even if they are no longer working through our buyback scheme for business. 

S2S Data Centre Solutions

Offering clients the most comprehensive, risk-free and environmentally friendly set of solutions to accommodate your data centre equipment and ensure efficient management of your IT infrastructure with minimum downtime for your estate; covering a vast range of services from tailored audits, data centre project migrations, asset tracking and cabling tidying to secure decommissioning and recycling of equipment, with CESG approved data erasure as standard for ongoing reuse.  

S2S Recycling Solutions

In addition to our IT asset recovery services, S2S Recycling Solutions can handle large volumes of e-waste and scrap commodities for secure recycling; from Circuit Boards, Medical Equipment and Batteries to Hard Drives, Floppy Disks, Metals and LCD / CRT Monitors, along with confidential Document Shredding. Clients can also request to receive detailed inventory reporting, certification and recycling rates for their product.

S2S Data Solutions

Your data security is our number one priority. Depending on your needs, we can erase, shred and securely destroy all types of data media and hardware in line with HMG Standard No.5, including our specialist degauss units for fast and complete data elimination. Whether you require on-site or off-site destruction, our robust processes ensure 'total confidence' that your data is dealt with securely and safely by our accredited methods. If you're looking to reuse your hardware, our CESG Approved data erasure service can wipe all IT assets with a 100% fault-free guarantee. 

Trakk-IT System

Trakk-IT is our fully developed asset manifesting system and unique Customer Portal that uses state-of-the-art RFID Technology to produce live updates on each product going through secure processing. Have complete visibility over the whereabouts of your assets at every stage of the process, with the option to view all testing, grading, recycling and summary reports online. 

secure itad services DELIVERED on time, every time
Don't leave IT assets at risk of becoming a data security liability. Neglecting data bearing electronics can pose as a major threat to organisations, leaving vulnerabilities for cyber-attacks which can result in costly fines from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Instead, take control of your data and securely dispose of IT equipment to ensure complete eradication of confidential to top-secret information through our highly accredited processes. We'll take the responsibility and complexity of ITAD off your hands, guaranteeing an environmentally-friendly and hassle-free service whilst protecting your data bearing assets at all costs. 

S2S Group is one of the most widely accredited and longest running IT Asset Disposal firms in the UK.


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