ADISA and Data Security – What is a DIAL rating?

Earlier this year, the founder and CEO of ADISA, Steve Mellings, was extended an invitation by S2S Group to share his insights regarding the current challenges in the field of data security and the future prospects of the sector.


For a decade, ADISA has passionately advocated for best practices in data sanitisation and data protection. At present, ADISA operates as a globally recognised certification authority, offering unbiased evaluations of conformity with its internal standards.

This significant certification fosters a sense of confidence among organisations, allowing them to repose trust in both their suppliers and their internal operational protocols. In a subsequent video interview, Steve engaged in a meaningful conversation with Rachel Hall, Director of Operations at S2S Group, where they delved into these critical topics including the meaning and importance of DIAL ratings.

The DIAL Ratings serve as a risk assessment framework, conducted by a business as the data controller. Subsequently, that business then transmits this assessment to companies such as S2S Group in their capacity as the data processor. Upon receipt of your DIAL rating at S2S Group, a bespoke service plan can be tailored precisely to specific needs.

Key points discussed in the interview

  • Steven and Rachel discuss the requirements and importance of generating a Dial rating for data protection services.
  • The law emphasises the need for appropriate technical and organisational measures tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.
  • The DIAL rating framework, using the VICTAR acronym, helps determine the level of service needed for different customers.
  • The five key areas of assessment include the volume of data, impact of data breach, categories of data, threat level, and company’s risk appetite.
  • Categories of data range from personal data to corporate secrets, with different levels of importance for each organisation.
  • Determining the threat adversary category helps identify the level of risk treatment and necessary controls.
  • The company’s appetite for risk is closely tied to its budget and determines the level of risk tolerance.
  • Is your business looking to generate its own DIAL rating?

    S2S Group is committed to providing its customers with the highest levels of support. That is why they have made a DIAL generation tool here. However, should you look to fill out the DIAL rating tool and require further assistance, get in touch with the support team here. S2S Group is happy to take you through the different steps and the different aspects of the VICTAR system.

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