Cyber Security Predictions for 2018

Cyber security predictions
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Here are our Cyber Predictions for 2018

With a new year comes new threats to our cybersecurity. What should businesses expect? How should we defend ourselves against to protect ourselves?

GDPR will hit some organisations

The new EU General Data Protection Regulations in May includes stricter penalties and consequences for businesses who irresponsibly handle consumer data. The new GDPR rules aim to bring stronger data protection regulations to organisations.

But it isn’t guaranteed that every company will be compliant. It is likely we will see at least one large firm encounter a hefty fine this year due to GDPR compliance.

An increase in ransomware software

Since the increase in attacks, 2017 was known as the ‘year of ransomware’. We saw the highest number of outbreaks caused by as the release of malicious software; NotPeyta and WannaCry that left many organisations in the debris. These software were huge hits on some businesses cybersecurity systems. As ransomware technology evolves and attackers become more diligent and skilful, these kinds of cyber-attacks are becoming harder to detect.

The Mobile Application Market is predicted to gain an increase in malware during 2018. With criminals creating new forms of malicious software, the channels they are using to distribute has turned towards mobile devices. As ransomware spreads within the Apple Store and Google Play, the potential to spread via SMS/MMS increases and users need to be more aware.

IoT connected devices will become more vulnerable

Manufacturers are working hard on investing and securing their products. However, IoT connected devices are still considered newly created and hold several vulnerabilities to hackers. As the demand for IoT devices accelerates in 2018, it poses a major threat as many devices hold significant insecurities that are difficult to recuperate.

There were many DDoS crimes last year with the use of IoT devices. It is predicted we’ll see an increase in the number of devices being hijacked for these types of attacks.

What do you think 2018 will bring to the cybersecurity landscape? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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