Data Destruction and Erasure – Case Study in Success

S2S Group's Data Destruction and Erasure
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Global Recruitment Company tasks S2S Group to Decommission Desktop Computers

A global recruitment company tasked S2S Group to decommission desktop computers across multiple UK locations as they deployed new laptops to their staff.

Desktop computers were tested and refurbished, donated to schools, and others were remarketed to generate revenue to cover the cost of the project, which generated over 50% of the cost of the project.

Overall, 1,542 Desktop computers were processed, 141 broken monitors were recycled and 231 IT units that were redundant were recycled. To date, the total of completed collections stands at 137.

S2S Group’s Environmental Responsibility

Here at S2S Group, we value and prioritise environmental responsibility. With e-waste becoming one of the fastest-growing waste streams, S2S Group aims to change that statistic and encourage a more sustainable future.

This is why 18.319 tonnes of equipment have been collected (to date) with 11.139 tonnes being recycled and 7.18 tonnes being reused. All equipment was recycled and reused by S2S Group.


S2S Group wants to support the well-being of the community as well as the well-being of the environment, which is why 561 desktop computers were assessed and refurbished and we were able to successfully deliver these desktop computers to approximately eighty-six schools.

The customer benefitted from S2S Group’s planning and logistic services and was able to reduce the number of customer staff required to work on the project. Also, the customer was able to delegate management of the initial project.

How can S2S Group help your business?

S2S Group’s data destruction service is secure, and accredited, and can help your business eliminate any reputational risks it could face.

With a range of data destruction processes, S2S Group can tailor to any needs or requirements you have.

Our simple four-step method for Data Disposal is shown below:

4 Step Process of Data Destruction

Our Data Destruction is certified and accredited

S2S Group ensures our clients’ data is safe throughout every step of the process.

With several accreditations, S2S Group is proud to be a widely accredited IT asset disposal company.

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Blancco Gold Partner and DIPCOG Approved Accreditation

S2S Group created a short video outlining all facts and figures of the task which you can watch below or click here

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