Why is IT asset disposal important to businesses?

IT Asset Disposal: Why is it important to businesses?
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With rising consumer concerns about environmental impact and data safety, it is important for all businesses to take into account how redundant IT assets are disposed of. The dangers of not having a secure, sustainable IT asset disposal process are more substantial than you may think.

Improper disposal of any electronic device can result in serious environmental, reputational, and financial consequences. Using a reputable ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) company for your IT asset disposal is the securest way to ensure the proper destruction, recycling, or reuse of your assets, but why is using one so important?

Freeing up space at your office or facility

As COVID-19 continues to influence changes to staffing structures, some businesses have been forced to make redundancies or encourage homeworking. These changes to everyday work life result in changes to IT needs, with some assets becoming surplus to requirements.

Rather than leaving these devices to gather dust, businesses can generate space and even financial revenue by using an IT asset disposal company (ITAD). By using an ITAD to generate a rebate from your old equipment, you not only remove them from your office but also prevent the data harboured on them becoming a security risk.

Protecting your customer data

As clients and customers trust businesses with their data, those businesses need to ensure this data is kept safe. This not only applies to what assets are currently being used to access sensitive information, but also those which are unused that still contain it. 

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) states:

‘If data bearing surfaces are not treated properly, sensitive data may remain. This could result in the following problems for your business:

  • Unknown whereabouts of sensitive data.
  • Loss of control over your information assets.
  • Critical data could be recovered and used by adversaries or competitors.
  • Private or personal data about your customers or staff could be used to commit fraud or identity theft.
  • Your intellectual property could be recovered and published openly, leading to loss of reputation and revenue.’

Proper IT asset disposal helps prevent these situations and protect your business from breaching GDPR law. Complying with the regulations helps retain your business’s trustworthiness and prevent financial and reputational costs. 

Environmental Impact

More than ever businesses have a duty to consider the impact their process have on the world around them. Along with this, we all have a social responsibility to protect our environment and those affected by e-waste streams.  

Using a certified ITAD significantly reduces your redundant electronic’s impact. IT asset disposal companies such as S2S help you to dispose of your devices while preventing any elements going to landfill and damaging the earth. 

Refusing to use proper means to dispose of these electronics not only damages the planet but your company reputation. With consumer’s becoming more concerned about their environmental impact and where they’re buying from, any negative correlations could result in lost customers.

Choosing the right ITAD

Just choosing to use an ITAD for your IT asset disposal won’t ensure you’re business is law compliant and environmentally conscious. Some IT recyclers claim to be fully safe with their data destruction and services processes, however, this is not always true.

Make sure your chosen ITAD partner…

  • Provides certification for all their services.
  • Is audited regularly by external bodies.
  • Has up-to-date environmental policies.
  • Has relevant and current accreditations.

Using an unofficial ITAD could result in lost data, assets being sent to landfill irresponsibly and potential fines for improper disposal.

If your business is in need of a trustworthy, secure, and environmentally conscious ITAD, S2S is here to help. We adhere to a strict zero-to-landfill policy and offer full certificates for all of our services to ensure our client’s data is irretrievable. 

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