FAQ Focus: What is S2S’s WEEE Recycling Process?

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Who Are S2S Group?

S2S Group is a leading ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) company in the UK. The company has developed an efficient, secure, and sustainable WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling process.

S2S Group ensures that discarded electrical items are collected, evaluated, recycled, and documented in a responsible manner, making sure that no WEEE waste goes directly to landfill.

Step 1: WEEE Collection

The start of the process involves S2S Group collecting the electrical items. The company’s secure transportability ensures the safe transportation of the equipment.

By using S2S Group’s service, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their discarded electronics will be handled with care and in compliance with environmental and legal regulations.

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S2S Group WEEE Collection

Step 2: Asset Review

Once the WEEE items are collected, S2S Group conducts a thorough inspection to determine their value. This evaluation helps in identifying whether any of the collected equipment can be refurbished or reused.

By assessing the condition and functionality of the items. S2S Group ensures that no valuable resources go to waste.

This step is crucial in maximising the recovery of valuable materials and reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste.

Step 3: WEEE Waste Separation

After the asset review, any WEEE equipment that cannot be refurbished or reused goes through S2S Group’s secure and sustainable separation process. This is where the equipment undergoes a recycling procedure to extract valuable components and materials.

S2S Group employs environmentally sustainable methods to safely separate metals, plastics, and other recyclable materials. By doing so, the company minimises the amount of waste sent to landfills, making sure that no waste goes directly.

Separation of WEEE

Step 4: Certification

Once the WEEE Recycling process is completed, S2S Group provides customers with certification of the disposal and recycling of their WEEE/electronic waste. The certification serves as evidence of compliance with laws and regulations.

S2S Group ensures accountability throughout the entire process. Their award-winning customer portal Trakk-IT ensures that customers can have a full view of the handling and disposal of their discarded electronics at every stage of the process.

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