Reduce the risk of insider threats with data destruction

Data destruction

Insider threats are one of the biggest concerns for organisations when it comes to protecting corporate data. Many are now recognising the need to implement a data security culture when it comes to preventing data breaches.

Almost all data attacks can be assisted or conducted by an insider and theft of a redundant piece of IT equipment or media left lying around. These are an easy hit for a disgruntled employee after revenge or member of staff tempted by the financial gain to be had from selling on customers’ data.

How you can meet policies

Having a strong, on-going data destruction regime, adopting on-going data destruction policies, and creating a secure culture that will support these policies is essential to reduce an organisations vulnerability to insider threat.

We at S2S have over 30 years’ experience providing auditable asset and secure data destruction services to clients from a vast range of sectors. S2S Group has built an enviable reputation for delivering solutions to organisations looking to eliminate the risk of a breach from redundant IT equipment and media.

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