S2S Group and Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust Annual Report

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During the UN Sustainable Development Goals week, S2S Group is pleased to announce that it has now reached its first-year mark in partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

S2S Group has been genuinely inspired by all the hard work Richard Hore and the team at Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust do to protect and grow the woodlands in the Yorkshire Dales and we look forward to continuing to support the YDMT in the future.

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust Logo

If you would like to visit the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust website for more information, or on how you can get involved, click here.

During this 12-month period the partnership has resulted in two volunteering days as well as:
🌎 Donating to the trust to support the planting of 500 trees in the Yorkshire Dales offsetting an estimated 84 tonnes of carbon over the next 50 years
🌳 Plant 300 trees at The Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales
♻ Remove 1200 redundant tree guards – creating a plastic-free woodland at Bargh Wood.

We are very grateful for their first annual report with S2S Group which details the positive impact the company is having on the environment in the Yorkshire Dales.

To read the S2S Group and YDMT Report in full, click here.

S2S Group takes its sustainability commitments very seriously. To monitor its progress and ensure S2S Group is continuing to meet goals, the ever-evolving Sustainability Report details the past, present, and future goals of S2S Group.

Volunteering for the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is also part of our wider sustainability drive as part of our UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For more information on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the ongoing UN SDGs Week, click here.

S2S Group’s annual Sustainability Report details the actions that it has taken last year to reduce its environmental impact and give back to the local community.

To read S2S Group’s Sustainability Report, click here.

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