S2S Group on BBC Radio Sheffield’s “Who’s The Mug” Quiz

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Through the week of Monday 27th March to Friday 31st March, 5 S2S Group employees took part in BBC Radio Sheffield’s Who’s The Mug Quiz hosted by Toby Foster.

Mobile Phone Operative Sophie Bury, Warehouse Team Leader James Wilde, Marketing Manager Nathan Church, Marketing Apprentice Kyle Walton, and ITAD Manager Matthew Smith all took part. Each day of the week, a different member of the team stepped up to represent the S2S Group.

About S2S Group

S2S Group assists clients across the UK with secure and eco-friendly solutions for IT assets at the end of the lifecycle. Also helping to reduce the impact of e-waste on the environment and the reputational risk for businesses that are associated with improperly disposing of IT kit.

Fully accredited and licensed, S2S Group is based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, London, and Glasgow with a UK-wide client base in banking, financial institutions, retail, and local government as well as many commercial businesses utilising a unique range of specialist IT and mobile services.

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What Is The Who’s The Mug Quiz?

Hosted By Toby Foster at Breakfast, the Who’s The Mug quiz puts 5 members of the workplace against each other, battling it out to NOT be crowned “Mug of the Week”.

Players receive a randomly selected letter and are asked a series of questions by Toby and all answers must begin with that letter.

The losing player is then deemed the “Mug of the Week” and must do the tea run for the entire workplace for that week.

Listen To Who’s The Mug?

Who's The Mug Poster

“Who’s The Mug?” Final Results

It was Marketing Manager Nathan who successfully topped the S2S Group leaderboard with 12 points with the letter S. A very impressive score for that letter. Warehouse Team Leader James came into a close second when he finished with 11 points with the letter P.

ITAD Manager Matthew and Marketing Apprentice Kyle ended with 9 and 7 respectively. Matthew with the letter A and Kyle with the letter Y. That meant that, because Mobile Phone Operative Sophie finished with 6, that made her the ‘Mug of the Week’. She matched the same letter of Matthew with A but wasn’t able to match his score.

Who's The Mug Leaderboard S2S Group

Lastly, thank you to those at BBC Radio Sheffield for our amazing prize as well! Here’s the Marketing Manager, and winner of the quiz, Nathan posing with his snazzy new radio!

Nathan Who's The Mug Prize

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