S2S Group x Paces Steps Challenge

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S2S Group is a proud supporter and charity partner with Paces, Sheffield.

About Paces

Paces are a specialist centre, charity, and school for individuals with Cerebral Palsy and Motor Disorders It was founded in the 1990s by a small group of parents who recognised the benefits of Conductive Education for their children with cerebral palsy.

Paces have an ever-growing reputation for excellence in Conductive Education. Conductive Education as a holistic approach is unique and highly effective in meeting the learning needs of children and young people.

Paces offer a variety of support and services such as; family support, home visits, outings, and buying specialist equipment which enables children and adults to achieve the highest level of independence in life.

About S2S Group’s Steps Challenge

S2S Group created and took part in its very own ‘Steps Challenge’ fundraiser event. The event ran throughout the last week of March with a goal in mind to raise a £1,000 goal for Paces. All participants were grouped into 5 teams: team zebra, team cougar, team fox, team cheetah, and team grizzly.

After a very competitive week, team zebra managed to win the event after their team walked the most steps (745,547-steps). Altogether S2S Group walked 3,124,870 Steps, meaning they could have walked to places like; Rome, Germany, Poland, and Spain.

S2S Group held an internal pool tournament and raffled off one of Paces very delicious chocolate bouquets to help achieve their fundraiser goal. After calculating all their online and offline donations S2S Group managed to raise £1,500 for Paces.

A whole £500 over their target!!!

It was great fun, and we highly recommend other businesses to do their own steps challenge or corporate fundraiser event to help support their chosen charities.

To find out more about the amazing work Paces do and how your business can show support like S2S Group did with their Steps Challenge, click the link below:


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