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Data Destruction
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Why on-site shredding is the most reassuring method of data disposal

The process of destroying sensitive information, especially when it comes to client data, should be a high priority for all businesses. Improper practices of data destruction can result in breaches, loss of reputation and hefty fines.

For all businesses, making sure your organisation discards of old data securely in-line with legal requirements is essential. Doing so helps to prevent data breaches, uphold customer trust, and keep in accordance with GDPR regulations.

‘GDPR is something every business should adhere to, including data destruction, which is a significant component.’ – Read more on GDPR and Data compliance at IT Toolbox

Always use a certified ITAD company

The only way to be completely sure data cannot be extracted from a device is through secure disposal with a certified IT Asset Disposal specialist.

On-site shredding is a form of physical destruction that destroys data-bearing media to 6mm or 2mm particles, depending on storage type.

Devices and hard drives can be wiped, but for very cautious businesses, shredding ensures complete and utter destruction of the digital data through destroying the physical asset it is held in.

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On-site data shredding

For companies who want to witness the destruction of their data, there is the option for on-site shredding. This method offers complete transparency of the destruction of your assets at your premises.

S2S provide secure on-site shredding for all clients who want the added reassurance that their data is unrecoverable. With the use of a mobile shredder, we can transport our services across the UK, allowing clients to witness the process.

We generate destruction certificates for full peace of mind and to ensure your business is compliant to data disposal regulations. Contact us for a free quote.

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