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S2S Group offers a secure alternative to performing a factory reset of smartphones and mobile devices. Unlike the factory reset the S2S Group data erasure trade-in scheme has a 100% data erasure guarantee.

Our South Yorkshire-based recycling services are not only recycled and refurbished in a secure way but in a more responsible and sustainable way also. This is why businesses in Sheffield are choosing to choose refurbished existing handsets which can be re-deployed within your workforce. S2S Group can even offer a cash rebate on devices that are of value.

Advantages of Recycling & Refurbishing with S2S Group:

  • Re-deployment of handsets to the workforce
  • Fully certified 100% data erasure guarantee
  • Highest levels of mobile device refurbishment standards
  • Competitive industry rates

Businesses in the Sheffield area can benefit from:

Secured and tracked collections of mobile devices including smartphones. S2S Group Security personnel are pre-screen and tracked on collection. Via the S2S Group customer portal, live audit reporting is available.

Industry-approved software and data eradication. We are able, to use industry-approved software to erase data prior to collections, further ensuring no data loss during transport.

We are able to offer South Yorkshire smartphone collection in 5 simple steps:

  1. Collection – via secured transport
  2. Testing – Grading and testing of handsets and mobile devices
  3. Reporting – Testing and financial offer issued to you via our Customer Portal
  4. Data Erasure – Erasure of all sensitive data as Blancco software Gold Partners Payment – Payment to you along with data erasure reports
  5. Payment – Payment to you along with data erasure reports

Serving as a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new products, the S2S Group scheme allows businesses in Sheffield and South Yorkshire to have their mobile assets data erased, refurbished, sanitised, and returned to them.

Preventing usable assets from going to waste and protecting our planet, S2S Group encourages mobile device refurbishment and reuse whenever possible.

If you would like to find out more about our Mobile Phone and Laptop recycling services please get in touch with our team via our Contact Us Page.

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