What are S2S Group’s Laptop and Mobile Phone Services?

S2S Group Laptop and Mobile Phone Services
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S2S Group’s Laptop and Mobile services provide a secure and sustainable way to recycle and refurbish mobile devices.

There are an estimated 55 million unused mobile electronic devices sitting idle in drawers and cupboards across Britain today. Not only could these electronics be recycled or reused, but the materials in these devices could hold value. To avoid these devices being improperly disposed of businesses are legally obliged to recycle e-waste separately from general waste. Added to this these assets hold business and personal data which poses a reputational threat if not correctly disposed of.

S2S Group’s laptop and mobile services ensure electrical devices are disposed of in a responsible way. You can also choose to refurbish existing handsets to re-deploy within your workforce.

S2S Group only uses industry-approved data erasure software and NPSA accredited Destruction methods to ensure it meets security standards.

S2S Group’s Process

The S2S Group process allows businesses to have their mobile assets data erased, refurbished and redeployed. S2S Group encourages mobile device refurbishment and reuse whenever possible. This helps to prevent usable and valuable materials from going to waste and protects the environment.

Trakk-IT Customer Portal

Thanks to S2S Group’s award-winning customer portal ‘Trakk-IT’, you can track your electronic assets in real-time. The asset tracking system has been specially designed for clients of S2S Group to view their devices at every stage of the process.

Visit this page for more information on S2S Group’s Trakk IT Customer Portal

Trakk-IT Customer Portal Logo

80% of your mobile handset can be recycled. Those valuable materials that are found in phones such as plastics and metals can be recycled into a variety of products within the economy. This includes new electronics and goods from a range of different industries.

Watch our short new video on our ‘Laptop and Mobile Phone’ service to find out more.

Alternatively, visit the page on the S2S Group website for more information about our Laptop and Mobile services.

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