Why Carbon Net Zero?

We all have a responsibility to protect our planet so, with the UK government promising to reduce carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, we’ve committed to being Carbon Neutral by 2030 and achieving Carbon Net Zero status by 2050. With businesses contributing to nearly a fifth of the UK’s carbon emissions, this is a commitment we’re passionate about and we hope to help others reduce their environmental impact too.

We promise to:

Improve our Processes

Ensure our practices are as environmentally friendly as possible

Empower our Customers

Enable our clients to make positive choices and change their environmental impact

Offset Carbon Emissions

Offset any emissions which we can't yet reduce to zero.

Carbon Net Zero,

How are we going to get there?


  • Started measuring our carbon footprint
  • First sustainability report published


  • Purchased our first electric vehicle
  • Changed to a 100% renewable energy provider
  • Replaced all lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs


  • Announced our pledge to be Carbon Net Zero by 2050


  • Implement staff engagement roadmap
  • Start supplier engagement to reduce supply chain footprint
  • Monitor electric vehicles and infrastructure with view to changeover where cost effective and available


  • Look at energy saving measures in the business to reduce consumption and losses
  • Start looking at alternative energy sources such as Heat Pumps, Hydrogen, Wind and Solar Power
  • Identify offsetting options based on reduced organic footprint


  • Achieve carbon neutrality
  • Start carbon removal plan


  • S2S becomes Carbon Net Zero

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